Insulated Render.  Reduce heating bills by upto 35%

  • by Steve Tanswell
  • 17 Oct, 2016

EWI (EXternal Wall Insulation) is like putting a thick blanket over your house.

Insulated render has a double whammy effect.  Its gives your home a face-lift as well as slowing heat loss through your walls.  There are 7 miliion homes in the UK that have solid walls that can't be cavity wall insulated.  Insulated render is the best option to to slow heat loss meaning less energy is used to heat the building.  There are also pockets of government funding around from time to time.  Call us for more details.  0161 748 3776.
by Steve Tanswell 15 Jun, 2017
Insurend will chemically clean your render, stonework, fascias and gutters leaving your property looking like new.  Many properties end ud looking tired because of pollution staining or algae or fungal growth.  Ask Insurend for a no obligation quote for your render cleaning.
by Steve Tanswell 01 Feb, 2017
Monocouche and silicone renders can attract algae and fungal growth.  The only way to clear this is by a chemical wash of the property.  Insurend are experienced in this field and can completely manage the whole process for a fraction of the price of re-rendering.  Call us for a quote.
by Steve Tanswell 01 Feb, 2017
The external facade of you house is how other people perceive you home.  For a relatively little outlay you can totally change to look of your house.  With a coloured render and any type of wooden cladding, your home could be transform into something beautiful.  Potentially adding £1000s to the value of your home.  
by Steve Tanswell 19 Jan, 2017
Render cleaning is a cheaper way of improving the appearance of render than re-rendering.  Most dirty renders are a result of fungal growth, algae or traffic fumes.  We can chemically clean the render using biocidal washes and jet washing leaving the render clear of fungus and algae.  We can then add a render protector which will help reduce the likelihood of the problem reoccurring.  

If you would like a quote for render cleaning in Cheshire or anywhere in the North West then please call us on 0161 748 3776.
by Steve Tanswell 10 Jan, 2017
This prestigious property situated in Hale, Cheshire had a Wetherby silicone render applied.  we hacked off existing render and rendered on to the original brick substrate.
by Steve Tanswell 10 Jan, 2017
This one we insulated and rendered in Stockton Heath near Warrington. 
by Steve Tanswell 10 Jan, 2017
This turn of the century property was thermally upgraded using Eps insulation and silicone render.
by Steve Tanswell 10 Jan, 2017
Need a render job completing in Wilmslow, Insurend have completed many in the area and would love to quote for more work.
by Steve Tanswell 10 Jan, 2017
Insulated render on this pool in Chorlton really helps to keep the heat generated by the pool lock inside the building.  It also give its a mordern clean look.
by Steve Tanswell 10 Jan, 2017
Silicone renders give any property a sharp look that totally transforms the look of the building.  We can over render existing paints and renders using the scrim and pin system.
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