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20 10, 2016

How much does a good render add in value to your house?

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The value isn't just monetary but also emotional as you will enjoy the house more. In terms of monetary value this render system has added £7-8000 to the value of the house and was completed for well below half of that.  But the real value comes from the home-owners pride in their property.  That sense

17 10, 2016

1970’s wall hung tiles on a property.

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They may have looked good in the 70's but not now. This house in Knutsford was clad in roof tiles and looked very dated, but the introduction of a new porch and Insurend's lovely silicone render have completely changed how this house is perceived and added £1000's to the value of the property.  For results

17 10, 2016

Insulated Render. Reduce heating bills by up to 35%

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EWI (EXternal Wall Insulation) is like putting a thick blanket over your house. Insulated render has a double whammy effect.  Its gives your home a face-lift as well as slowing heat loss through your walls.  There are 7 million homes in the UK that have solid walls that can't be cavity wall insulated.  Insulated render

17 10, 2016

Extensions look great when rendered.

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Instead of trying to match a 1930's brick why not render and have a good contrast. When planning your new extension, render is a good way of contrasting the new with the old.  Like this one in #Chorlton  new render, good glazing and timber cladding can really make the new addition look contemporary and can

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