Brick Slips

Insurend offer all types of cladding.  This can be fitted to many different substrates including brick, block, steel frame, timber frame. SIP buildings and ICF builds.Below is not an exhaustive list of some of the products we can supply and fit.

Brick slips are great for insulated projects or areas where planning permission is a problem.  Nearly all bricks can be copied and most styles catered for. There are a variety of ways of fixing them.  Either using a rail system, gluing them with an adhesive, using a wire system.  We work with many different suppliers and can provide samples.

Ceramic Tile Cladding

Stone Cladding

This system is great for ground floor areas as it provides a clean finish and smart look.  It is fixed via a rail system and can be finished to the floor or below the floor.  Good for offices and garden walls.

There are many different forms of stone cladding and most types of stone can be recreated.  Stone cladding can soften a building or rough it up slightly.  It works well with render and other materials.

Metal Sheet Cladding

Composite Cladding

Mainly used on high rise metal cladding is an easy way of cladding large areas with an aesthetically pleasing panels.  There are many types of metal used in this cladding.  From lead and zinc to lookalikes and many sheet systems to perforated aluminium.

Composite cladding is general wood lookalike cladding.  It holds its colour longer and needs less maintenance.

Timber Cladding

We can use any type of timber to clad your property, popular choices at the moment are Cedar and Larch.  We can source any type and fix in a system of your choosing, with shiplap and butted up being some of many.